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Supervisor Common Core

This training is necessary for any supervisor working on a mining site. The Occupational Health and Safety Act and Surface Miners Training Standards state that within the first year of an employee leading as a supervisor, they must pursue certification.


This training seminar includes the following seven modules:

1. Follow Safety Program

  • IRS, OHSA, Regulations, Company Standards
  • Hazard Identification & Response
  • Accident/Incident Reports
  • Workplace Inspections
  • Job/Task Observations
  • Safety Program Compliance

2. Prepare for Emergencies

  • Site Emergency Plans
  • Reporting

3. Follow Health and Hygiene Procedures/Guidelines

  • Identification & Response to Hazards
  • Implementing Controls

4. Practice Effective Communication

  • Organizational Communication Systems
  • Using Effective Communication
  • Crew/Safety Meetings

5. Manage Work Area Activities

  • Planning, Organizing, & Assigning Work
  • Monitoring Workplace Activities
  • Identify & Respond to Hazards

6. Manage Employees

  • Mentorship
  • Disciplinary Guidelines/Procedures
  • Worker Performance Evaluations
  • Assigning Job Tasks

7. Assess, Control, and Apply Ventilation Systems

  • Control & Respond to Airborne Contaminants/Gases
two construction workers standing in front of a CAT loader

    2 Days (12-16 hrs)
    Includes: Classroom Teaching
    Lunches will be provided.

    Individual: $599/person
    Group (5+): $499/person

    Please contact us to schedule your training seminar.
    (See Pg. 1 for Contact Info)

    Any supervisor within the first year of leading in this role OR any
    supervisors who have been leading for more than a year without