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JG Stewart Construction

construction worker holding a yellow hard-hat at their side.

JG Safety Training Seminars

Certified Training Seminars

These seminars are based off the requirement of the OHSA and Surface Miners Training Standards for employees working within a surface mine.

Educational Seminars

These seminars are based off real industry experience and expertise. These seminars will give your employees the confidence to work safely in their workplace.

Private Training Seminars

We offer private training seminars to cater to your company's safety requirements. We will work with you to provide the best, most relevant safety training on the date and at location you prefer.

Why Choose JG Safety Training Seminars?

photo of a loader and a group of employees in a safety training seminar

1. We are an industry leader in safety.

2. We are flexible to meet the needs of your company.

3. We are willing to travel to you, if you prefer.

4. We speak out of experience to provide real examples of why safety is crucial in the workplace.

5. We are able to provide both the classroom and practical aspects of safety training.

6. We provide on-going support for your employee's safety questions or concerns.

Seminar Topics

To view our JG Safety Training Seminars Brochure in PDF, please click HERE.

Duration: 1 Day (6-8 Hrs)

Duration: 1/2  Day (4-5 Hrs)

Duration: 1/2  Day (4-5 Hrs)

Duration: 1/2  Day (4-5 Hrs)

Duration: 1/2  Day (4-5 Hrs)

Duration: 1/2  Day (4-5 Hrs)

Duration: 2 Days (12-16 Hrs)